I am Fr David Moser, an Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. While I am in the Russian Church, I am most certainly not Russian, however, it is here that I have found the Orthodox tradition that has opened to my soul the spiritual riches of the Orthodox Christian faith. There are indeed other cultural traditions within the Orthodox Church and they all have their particular strengths, but it is to the Slavic tradition and especially to the Russian tradition in particular that my soul gravitates.

I was received into the Orthodox Church in 1978 from the evangelical protestant faith of my childhood. Somehow, I was unable to avoid ordination and by God’s provision was ordained as a deacon (1981) and finally ended up as a priest (1988). This is not something I chose – rather it is that God chose me.

As a parish priest, I have been teaching, sharing, counseling, encouraging and directing the flock that God has given me. Now I will try and share some of what He has given me with you all as well.

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